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Your contribution will be used by the LWF to help us reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our field staff and the communities we serve.

Humanitarian and Development work

Many of Thebes LWF 8,000 staff are frontline workers in hard-to-reach areas which are poorly equipped to deal with a potential spread of the virus. We are well-known for working closely with communities and we do not want to stop this now.

Your help will enable us to do the following:   

  1. Ensure that we can continue our crucial work to provide others with life-saving assistance. In refugee camps and communities, densely populated with vulnerable groups, your donation helps prevent a spreading of the virus by providing training and essential items.
  2. Protect our staff by enabling continued presence and providing our team with clean water, soap, hand sanitizer, and protective clothing.

Your donation helps us prevent another crisis, which could have a devastating effect on those we have been asked to serve. Your funds will only be used for COVID-19 prevention and response, and with priority to the most exposed programs.

Churches’ response to COVID-19

Many of the LWF 148 member churches live in contexts that are particularly vulnerable for emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. They offer a vibrant witness in those contexts, also through their diaconal work to the wider communities (e.g. through hospitals, health clinics, schools, and other social services). Churches are well familiar with the local realities and can often take direct action in an emergency before national or international aid arrives.

Your donation will help selected churches:

  1. To continue their diaconal work, especially through health services provided in oftentimes remote communities.
  2. To raise awareness about COVID-19 among church members and in the wider communities, and distribute life-saving equipment like soap, hand sanitizer, and protective clothing.
  3. To continue promoting messages of hope and solidarity within their communities living during exceptional times.   

Your donation will help churches to respond rapidly to this new reality. The funds will only be used for specific COVID-19 prevention and response work implemented by our member churches on the ground.